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Welcome to your Hero homepage.

On this page, you can keep track of your XP, earned badges, and Leaderboard.

Select any hero to see what missions they have for you.

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It’s time to select your Avatar name.

This is your chance to get out in front of the crowd.  Each Avatar name is unique, so choose wisely!

With that said, we need to remind you, that Villainy will not be tolerated.  Any avatar names that go against the superhero code of conduct will be removed.  That means, don’t use anything foul, filthy, offensive, hate filled, or X-rated, etc.   Any infraction that our council deems to be a severe breach of the superhero code of conduct can result in a suspension of your account, and a permanent ban from the website, and the mobile game.

Go forth, and be AWESOME!


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XP Points

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